The Board Room Blog – Thinking Like a Trustees and Seating Reconfigurations

Boardroom is a source of news, insights and unique perspectives on the way musicians, executives, athletes and other creatives are driving the business world forward. From emerging leagues to new technology and trends in the industry to the most important players, we deliver what you must be aware of to keep ahead of the curve.

Our Model Boardroom Series is an interactive and accessible way to learn about trusteeship and develop governance skills. The blog, podcast, and Digital Hub course will help you develop your governance skills and think like trustees. You can also feel confident attending your next board meetings.

Explore different seating configurations to optimize meetings. From theatre-style to classroom to U-shape, learn about different ways to set up your seating plan for maximum impact.

These examples have been picked from various internet sources to illustrate the current usage of the term ‘boardroom.’ Merriam-Webster dictionary has the full definition of boardroom.

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